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Posted on: December 31, 2009 9:52 am

Why the Colts are making the Right decisions

Lets face it.  There are so many people on both sides of the issue on whether the Colts should have played their starters the entire game against the Jets.  The funny thing is the people most vocal about the issue are non-Colts fans.  You would think from a pure fan perspective they would want to Colts to do just that to keep them from being sharp come playoof time.  Don't get me wrong here, there are a great number of Colts fans who feel the same, yet that is their right to feel that way.  The others not so much. 

Lets look at the situation here.  The starters played almost three quarters against the Jets.  Probably another quarter (my guess) against the Bills.  They have been playing meaningfull football since early September.  That means that after the quarter against Buffalo they will have two weeks of rest.  Does anyone really forget how to do their job in two weeks?  I expect most don't.  Personally I would have loved to see the starters play through both games and win the super bowl simply to shutup Mercury Morris and the rest of the 72 Dolphins.  It didn't happen, but I'm serously ok with that decision. 

There is a possibility that the Colts could face these same Jets in their first playoof game.  We will then see what the Jets are really made of.  Then it's probably a game against New England or San Diego.  Either one is fine with me.  We can beat them both.  It would be interesting to face San Diego again for a little revenge, but that's up to them to get to that game.

A lot has been mentioned about the disgust on the Colts players faces as they watched after being pulled from the Jets game.   I tend to think that it really wasn't disgust, but pain felt for the things that werer happening to their team mates.  No one wants to see a team mate fumble the ball for a touchdown or throw an interception.  Painter got a serious lesson on what's expected of of an NFL quarterback.  If he's going to be any good he will learn from that lesson.  I don't believe anyone can say thatthose players on the field didn't play as hard as they could.  The game reminded me of the old "Chicago Charities College All-Star Game" where they had the college allstars (Colts 2nd and 3rd string) against the NFL champions from that's years NFL championship game or Super Bowl.  I think they stopped playing it in 76.  Most times it was a close game only because it was a preseason game for the NFL team and they usually didn't play their starters the entire game.

Any way, rest assured that the Colts made the right decision and will go on to win the Super Bowl.  Feel free to slam me if they don't.  I'm a big boy and can handle heat or criticism.
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